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Sub-Contractor Policy

Sub-contractors shall deposit with Barden FM Ltd a copy of their Company Safety Policy and the arrangements for enforcing that Policy, together with details of the arrangements for operating the Health and Safety at Work Act and other relevant legislation.

Where required to do so, the sub-contractor shall prepare a method statement clearly identifying the manner in which work will be done and the precautions to be taken to ensure that the work is completed in a safe and efficient manner.

The Sub-contractor is to provide Barden FM Ltd, prior to work commencing, with copies of Risk Assessments for activities to be undertaken on the site, COSHH Data Sheets for all products to be used on site, noise assessments for all plant or equipment which are likely to exceed the requirements of the Noise at Work Regulations and Handling Regulations for all exceptional loads which require man-handling.

Sub-contractors may be required to attend pre-contract Safety Meetings.

Sub-contractors shall ensure that their Supervisors are competent and have received sufficient training in site safety to enable them to make sure they and their personnel carry out their work safely.

Sub-contractors shall ensure that their employees shall be informed of any hazards which exists at the place of work and that they are familiar with the risk assessments and control measures for the identified hazards. Sub-contractor employees shall receive such training and supervision as may be deemed necessary to carry out their jobs safely and satisfactorily, in accordance with the Health and Safety at Work Act and other relevant safety legislation and shall comply fully with the Barden FM Ltd Safety Policy.

First aid, washing, drying room, sanitary conveniences and messing facilities etc., provided by sub-contractors for their employees must comply with the current Construction (Health, Safety & Welfare) Regulations.

It is strictly forbidden to use any tools or equipment belonging to Barden FM Ltd without authorisation from their representative in charge of works on site. On no account may a contractor interfere with any plant or equipment belonging to Barden Contracts Group.

Sub-contractors and their employees who are authorise to use equipment belonging to Barden Contracts Group must ensure that they sign and receive such equipment in good order. The user shall except full responsibility for any incident or accident arising from the use of such equipment.



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