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At Barden FM, we offer comprehensive maintenance solutions for all elements of your facility. We can design, execute, and manage pre-arranged maintenance visits to your facility, ensuring all your assets are compliant and fully functional. Thereby pre-emptively eliminating potential problems before they escalate into emergencies. This approach saves you money by reducing the need for reactive callouts and ultimately provides you with the peace of mind to concentrate on your business. 

An in-depth facilities management maintenance program will significantly extend the lifespan of your facility. A  well-planned maintenance schedule ensures that maintenance tasks are carried out proactively, reducing the risk of major breakdowns and expensive repairs, all of which helps to ensure that your facility lasts longer.

Our planned maintenance is tailored to meet your specific business requirements. Electrical, fire safety, catering, water, refrigeration and air conditioning are just some of the planned maintenance visits that we will manage on your behalf, using our highly-skilled, qualified and certified team to ensure that every job is carried out with care and efficiency.

Catering Appliances
Grease Traps
Drains Deep-clean
Kitchen Extract
Duct Work
close up of wine bottles in dispenser at bar
Fire Sprinklers
Ansul Units
Fire Extinguishers
AC Units
Refrigeration Units
Water Quality
Commercial kitchen worker washing up at sink in professional kitchen
Dust Inspections
PAT Testing
Fryer Inspections
Lincat Canopy
Emergency Light Testing
Boiler Inspections