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Barden FM: Elevating Employee Development Through 3 Training Opportunities

At Barden FM we value learning and development. Many of our lead engineers started off as apprentices or mates, learning the ropes as they go, whilst also being supported by Barden through their college experience.

1. Training for Engineers:

Our engineers undergo airport-specific training, covering essential areas such as heights, asbestos awareness, fire safety, manual handling, and first aid. Certain roles require additional certifications like IPAF (International Powered Access Federation) and PASMA (Prefabricated Access Suppliers’ and Manufacturers’ Association), which will facilitate.

We offer Electrician and Refrigeration Level 2&3 NVQs through partnerships with Eastleigh, Fareham, and Highbury Colleges. Whether engineers come to us fully trained or brand new, there are opportunities to learn and progress within Barden FM.

2. Empowering Office Staff:

We also value development opportunities for our office staff. We are currently committed to a 6-month course with Dale Carnegie Training, encompassing our entire office staff, no matter which department they fall under, promoting training across the board. These programs are designed to enhance leadership and communication skills, ensuring that our office team members are supported when navigating the challenges of a dynamic work environment.

3. Tailored Courses for Personal Growth:

We understand that personal growth is important for the overall well-being and satisfaction of our employees. To support this, we offer a range of courses to facilitate individual development. From IT training to AAT Accounting Diplomas, we have empowered our team members to expand their skill sets and pursue their professional aspirations.

At Barden FM we believe in creating an environment where our employees can grow and develop in their professional careers.  Whether it’s mastering technical skills, honing leadership capabilities, or pursuing personal interests, Barden provides the tools and opportunities for our employees to succeed.

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Olivia Gibbs