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Elevating Luxury: Unveiling Our Glenmorangie Project at Heathrow Terminal 2

We are thrilled to announce the completion of our ambitious project: the installation and fit-out of Glenmorangie’s breathtaking new store at Heathrow Airport Terminal 2. This achievement stands as a testament to our dedication, expertise, and commitment in the realm of retail design and craftsmanship. A huge congratulations to our projects team and George Davey for his first project as Project Manager.

The Objective

Our objective was clear from the outset: to curate an unforgettable shopping environment that goes beyond expectations. We aimed to provide Glenmorangie’s customers at Heathrow with a seamless and visually appealing space, whilst also providing functionality for staff and adhering to health and safety compliance.

Building Works:

  • Installed stud walls to create defined spaces within the shop, ensuring structural integrity and a perfect anchoring.
  • Enhanced the shop’s aesthetics with a suspended raft ceiling, integrating ambient lighting fixtures for a captivating ambiance.
  • Installed meticulously patterned tiled flooring with even grout lines, ensuring a harmonious visual appeal.
  • Crafted bespoke furniture, including display units, counters, shelves, and storage solutions, ensuring both form and function.
  • Ensured slip resistance and durability with altro flooring in crucial areas.
  • Painted and decorated the entire space, guaranteeing a seamless finish that complements Glenmorangie’s elegance.

Electrical Works:

  • Installed a comprehensive range of electrical components, including outlets, switches, lighting fixtures, and power panels, meticulously positioned for functionality.
  • Ensured strict compliance with local electrical codes and regulations during installation and testing, ensuring utmost safety for all visitors.

Plumbing Works:

  • Planned and installed a new plumbing system, encompassing supply lines, drainage, and waste pipes, meeting the shop’s unique requirements.
  • Installed plumbing fixtures such as sinks, faucets, and toilets, ensuring impeccable connections and seamless functionality.

We are immensely proud of the outcome. Every stud, tile, and electrical connection was meticulously installed, reflecting our commitment to perfection. Glenmorangie’s new store is not merely a shopping destination; it’s a sensory experience, a harmonious blend of aesthetics, innovation, and craftsmanship. A heartfelt thank you to Glenmorangie for entrusting us with this extraordinary project. Be sure to check out Glenmorangie whenever you are flying from Heathrow!

Olivia Gibbs

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