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Maintenance Efficiency: 3 Ways Digital Technology Benefits Barden’s Facilities Management Services

Barden FM utilises a variety of digital technology to deliver our top-notch facilities management services and without it, our operations wouldn’t be as seamless nor as efficient. Technology in facilities management allows for a greater range of communications and faster updates for all. That’s why we’ve partnered up with Syn-Star to write this post and highlight how we use the technology they provide.

Mobile phone to illustrate digital technology

1. The Use of Mobile Phones

Mobile phones are one of the first pieces of tech that come to mind when dealing with remote workers. While we maintain business phones for current and potential clients to reach us, mobile phones play a pivotal role in our day-to-day activities. Whether our team is on the road or in the office, safe mobile usage, and efficient mobile communication ensures that changes are promptly tracked, and essential information is relayed. Solid communication enables us all to have a more positive and efficient workday, whilst making sure our clients get excellent facilities management service. 

Laptop to illustrate digital technology

2. Keeping Accurate Records:

Another important part of project management for us is keeping accurate records of job details, tracking the progress of repairs, and maintaining up-to-date information of our clients. Digital technology not only allows us to maintain accurate profit and budget records but also ensures compliance with GDPR regulations regarding sensitive data. Our records serve as a valuable resource for current and prospective clients. Without digital documentation, we wouldn’t have the tools to quickly update clients on the progress of open jobs or the tools to promptly share important information with the engineering team. 

Our records help sites keep track of their units, and provide a record of maintenance performed, such as updating our refrigeration works and PPMs. Future clients may find it insightful to look at case studies of previous work for their own peace of mind and to see that we are the right choice for their facility’s needs.

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3. Managing our IT:

Whether we want to communicate with others via messaging services or document work undertaken, it’s important to have managed IT support in place. That’s why we’ve partnered with Syn-Star, a company known for its dedication and track record in enhancing business uptime. When opting for IT support, some may be hesitant, especially if employees work remotely or in a different place every day. Fortunately, our choice of remote IT support  has been a game-changer. This method allows experienced technicians secure access to our devices, enabling them to resolve issues swiftly, regardless of our location.

It is great to know that expertise is at hand in any case of emergency issues like malware or even the simple user error issues! Knowing that any emergencies or queries we have with our business computers or devices will be responded to promptly is reassuring, especially as it avoids downtime for our company, and enables us to continue providing services for our clients.

Final Thoughts

The significance of technology in our daily routines as a company cannot be underestimated. At Barden FM, we appreciate our digital systems for simplifying our operations and allowing us to deliver exceptional services.

If you want to increase your uptime and remove the headache associated with human and computer errors, consider reaching out to Syn-Star for bespoke IT support services.

By partnering with Barden FM and Syn-Star, you can optimize both the physical and digital aspects of your business, ensuring efficiency and excellence in every endeavour.

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